Excepted Land

Excepted land is land within the coastal margin that you do not have the right to walk on.

Excepted land includes :

  • buildings and the land immediately around them (the curtilage) such as courtyards and gardens
  • parks or gardens
  • cropped land, land that has been ploughed or has crops growing
  • golf courses
  • caravan and camping sites
  • burial grounds
  • quarries and other active mineral workings
  • railways or tramways
  • temporary livestock pens
  • racecourses or aerodromes
  • land which is being developed and which will become excepted land in future
  • land covered by structures like electricity substations, wind turbines, telephone masts etc.
  • land under military byelaws, eg most Ministry of Defence training areas
  • schools including playing fields
  • land which forms part of a public highway.