Route Description & Downloads

The England Coast Path is opening in sections. The open sections are described here.

The path aims to stay as close to the coast as possible. In many places that means you will be walking right alongside the coast. In some places the path heads inland, usually only for short distances. The open sections of the path are well signed, look out for the distinctive acorn waymarkers.

Away from towns and villages you will usually find the path has a natural, unmade surface, some areas will get muddy in wet weather. Closer to where people live you might find smooth surfaced paths, and in towns and villages you may be walking on promenades or pavements alongside roads.

Allonby to Whitehaven

The 22 mile (35 Km) long west Cumbrian section links Allonby to Whitehaven. This coastal region has a fascinating cultural and industrial history. Shipbuilding, coal and iron ore mining, steel making, and chemical manufacture have all been major employers, but little of this remains today. Allonby is an intriguing old Victorian seaside resort with a wonderful beach, and nearby Maryport and its docks have several tourist attractions. Did you realise you can visit one the largest Roman sites in northern Britain on this stretch of coast? The Senhouse Roman Museum at Maryport is dramatically situated on the cliffs and well worth a visit.  

Iron and steel manufacture have always been part of Workington’s heritage, and it was here that the famous Henry Bessemer first introduced his revolutionary steel making process. In recent years, with the decline of the steel industry and coal mining, the town has diversified into other forms of industry.

Further south is Whitehaven. A sleepy fishing hamlet for many centuries Whitehaven grew rapidly in the 17th and 18th centuries to become one of the most important ports in the country. Today Whitehaven is once again thriving. The historic harbour still has its fishing fleet and is also a busy marina for leisure craft. A number of attractions in the town celebrate its rich and varied history.