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A journey of long gradual climbs and rolling descents, along quiet country lanes, stone tracks and through grassy fields. Much of the return follows a wonderful section Offa’s Dyke.

Distance:            Circular:                    8.7 miles / 14 km

Linear:                       5.3 miles / 8.4 km


Start Grid Ref:   Knighton:                  SO 28690 72253

Norton bus stop:    SO 30419 67041

What Three Words:                   


Enjoy this walk either as an invigorating circular or take a bus to Norton for a linear journey back. For an immersive trip into the land of kings complement your adventure with a dip into the Offa’s Dyke Centre in Knighton.

From the town centre cenotaph and with the hotel in front of you, travel left along Bridge Street, passing a garage shortly before bearing left alongside playing grounds and a school on your right. Immediately after the school turn right into Lon Farrington, meander with the road as far as the dingle and a clearly waymarked bridleway slightly to your left. A gentle incline leads your way ahead and to the brow of the hill, wander up a beautiful narrow bridleway and along a small country lane before breaking onto a stony track where the views open up and your climb rewarded.

Reaching the brow and a small wooded area on your left, continue straight ahead, along a wonderful old track where the world falls away from your feet. The track dissolves into Meeting House Lane, passing a scattering of farms and dwellings nestled in the hillside and ahead, toward the village of Norton.

When reaching the end of the lane, turn left on to the road, curling your way up to the village and a wander around the church grounds, which provide the perfect pitch for a refuel and capturing the soul of the community. If you’ve arrived by bus, walk up toward the church and begin your journey here.

Take the small road directly opposite the church gate, admiring the memorial water trough along your way.  Leaving the village behind you, climb the stony track toward the woodland, continuing straight ahead, wrapping around the woodland on your right. As the track approaches Old Impton Farm, take the top route bordering the fields, following the waymarkers diagonally across the field toward a woodland track and bearing left onward to hilltop fields. Bear slightly right as you meet the brow of the hill and head toward the corner fingerpost, where your journey merges with the Offa’s Dyke Path. From here travel back up the fence line where you begin following the National Trail signs for the rest of your journey.

Track across the hilltop and midway take a detour to the high point on your right, where you can rest amidst a cluster of trees and appreciate spectacular views from Hawthorn Hill before descending to meet the trail once again. Weave your way alongside Offa’s Dyke for the remainder of your gradual decent toward Knighton, passing through farmland fields, through hedges and marvelling at monuments before you fall into Knighton amongst the leaves of Great Frydd Wood. Stretch out your legs with an amble around the town and well earned refreshments.

Notes/transport to the start


Parking available at Offa’s Dyke Centre or within one of the public car parks within the town.


From Knighton Bus Station on Bowling Green Lane to Norton bus stop




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