I had a wonderful time walking Offa's Dyke Path, which I did in two stages, from Sedbury to Welshpool in May of 2010 and from Welshpool to Prestatyn in September the following year.  I've walked a few National Trails and found them enjoyable, but this is the one I would recommend the most.  The stages are strung together like a string of pearls and each days walking seems to offer something unique. Either varied scenery, unusual fora, an ancient monument or place of historic interest, a delightful village or a chance encounter with wildlife or fellow Dykers.  And at the end of the day's fanatastic walking you have a welcome awaiting you in a friendly village someplace, glad to arrange a hearty meal and some suitable refreshment. Looking back I can't think there was ever a time when the trail got dull or I was just glad to get a section over and done with.  Though sometimes walking over twenty miles a day in hilly terrain I was well glad to finally reach my destination for the evening.  Coming off the hills above Prestatyn,  walking down the high street and crossing the railway line to reach the seafront in the twilight and kicking off my boots by the Offa's Dyke official finish is something memories are made of.  

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