My daughter Maddie & I decided we needed a little mother/daughter bonding & bored of the usual 'Spa' weekend ideas we thought it would be so much more fun to march 177 miles carrying heavy, well stuffed backpacks over a few small hills! Planning our jaunt proved very easy utilising this site & booking B&B's in advance. We chose to complete the hike in 12 days as we felt quite fit & didn't have much holiday entitlement left!!! For us this proved to be a perfect length of time, challenging days interspersed with easier ones. We carried maps/compasses etc. but to be honest the path is so incredibly well maintained & marked that you get a bit lazy about map reading, ah well, all the better to just gaze at the stunning scenery. AND the scenery is STUNNING, from the estuary start to the coastal finish every day was different & beautiful in it's own way.We had a ball!!!! We met some great people,(some real characters) stayed in some beautiful & quirky homes,ate some great food & grew some impressive blisters on our blisters but we never stopped laughing. Bonding fully achieved - I am however happy that I turned down my daughters idea of camping (she's young & enthusiastic) I'm young at heart & SO GLAD of the hot showers.Big shout outs to those responsible for both the upkeep & maintenence of the path & also all those B&B owners who cheerfully & enthusiastically catered for my daughters Vegan diet - you really can't beat a Welsh hill farmer for their veggie knowledge!!!

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