Overall we did the whole path in 10.5 walking days but spilt up the whole in day and weekend trips. We actually did the first section (Sedbury-Monmouth) ten years ago and the rest of the lower half in bits and pieces over the years. We decided to push on and do the top section from Brompton crossroads to Prestatyn this year as part of our honeymoon!We finished the last section walking from the Druid's Inn to Rhualt on Saturday, then on to Prestatyn on Sunday morning.It was good to finally tick it off the list but we also both agreed what a great walk it is. We both know the beautiful area around southern end of the path reasonably well living in Ross on Wye and walking locally. However neither of us knew the northern part of the walk and the whole section from Llanymynech to Prestatyn was a delight and a bit of a surprise, the terrain is varied and the views fantastic.I would also like to thank all those who maintain and sign the path. It's obvious to see the work that goes into the maintenance and the quality of all the styles, gates and signposts. The signs in fact are so good that there is little need for a guide in places (although we did use the excellent official guide). In fact I left the guide accidentally in the car over the last weekend but we managed to follow the path (mostly) fine without it.We'll have to get out again soon and maybe do some of the lower end of the path again as its been so long since we did it.

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