We walked the trail South to North in 9 days in blazing hot weather, camping most of the way.  We hardly saw a cloud the whole trip, which made it tough going at times, but much better than the alternative !  The scenery is truly stunning and the sign-posting is excellent.  Apart from the odd field where we headed for the wrong corner, the only time we really lost the trail was North of Llangollen, where there was either a missing or a cunningly hidden signpost we didn't spot.  The ups and downs meant it was more strenuous than we had expected - it doesn't have the wild sections of the Pennine Way, which we completed last year, but the switchback sections test the resolve, particularly at the end of a long day in 30 degree heat with full packs and no water left.  DIfficult to pick a favourite stretch, but we particularly enjoyed the section immediately north of Kington and the views passing above Llangollen.  We chose the trail based on a recommendation and would have no hesitation in recommending to others.  Making a 9-day itinerary work meant we had to tack on quite a few extra miles and metres of ascent to find suitable places to stay and maybe a day or two longer would be ideal.  The chances of getting the same weather again are also probably slim to say the least !

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