I started in Prestatyn on the 21st of August and planned to walk the Offa's Dyke Path in 10 days in aid of Prostate Cancer UK. The first 5 days were the hardest for me,walking on my own (except the dog). The people I spoke to whilst walking were amazing and very friendly and all wished me luck. I even had some amazing people who I met walking and told them what I was hoping to achieve, then log on to my justgiving page and sponsor me. One thing that I gained from the entire experience on the walk was the generosity of complete strangers. Strangers who were going about their daily lives would stop and talk. One gentleman offered cakes and I have to say even to this day they were the best cakes I have ever tasted. My partner joined me in Knighton (along with our other dog) on the evening of my 5th day. She then walked with me to the end at Chepstow. Our main topic of conversation revolved around food to be honest. After a week of living off pasta in sauce sachetes and oats all I wanted was a roast dinner or a good fry up. I enjoyed the whole walk and I have to say the hardest terrain was the Shropshire Hills I found however to me it was also the most stunning. We were joined by my mum as well in Monmouth and she walked the last day to Chepstow with us. Both her and my better half both troopered on and soon we came in to Chepstow. I will admit I was glad to finish the walk however I would of happily turned around and walked back to Prestatyn again. It is a beautiful path to walk and I would highly recommend it to anyone

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