Was worried about the weather around March, but lucked out and managed the whole walk without a day of rain!Did it with a friend, and though we were expecting the walk to be quite scenic, we were still amazed by just how beautiful the views and landscapes were, especially the Black Mountains and the Clwydians.Another thing that took us by surprise was just how quiet the paths were, we must have seen more sunsets than people outside the towns. Speaking of towns though, the walk winds through some truly lovely little places, with some fantastic pubs.Set off from Sedbury Cliffs around midday, finished early at Prestatyn beach 12days later, including a couple of days off in our hometown of Llangollen. A beautiful walk which i would recommend to anyone, and would advise following the official path to Llangollen up onto the Panorama Road rather than cheat and go along the canal, the view is more than worth it!

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