Started at Sedbury Cliffs Chepstow after the 870 mile hike of the Wales Coastpath! (Just wanted to do the circuit of wales)! Loved every minute of Offa's Dyke! It was not an easy walk it was very challenging in parts but worth it! Scenery was absolutely stunning, castles, priories, churches, woodland rivers,fields, moorland, mountains etc...felt as though we were on top of the world! It was fantastic! There was so much variation of different terrain! We didn't get chased by inquisitive cows on Offa's Dyke (unlike the coastpath)! so that was a bonus to us! Taking a long deserved rest now and maybe think of another long distance path for the future!??? We loved our walk around wales and Offa's Dyke has not ended for us because we will always return to our favourite parts! (Probably end up doing most of it again in opposite direction) it was awesome!

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