We started Day 1 hiking south to north on Sept 1st, 2018Our itinerary was 14 days of hiking with 2 rest days, completing the path on Sept 16th, 2018We found the path exciting and very enjoyable although we found the path more challenging than expected due to accents and descents compared to our Saskatchewan flat landThe path was well marked for the most part depending on the area. Our OS app with GPS helped us and others to correct ourselvesThe B&B's along the way were excellent and each offered its own unique experienceEach day brought spectacular views along with different terrain from the day beforeThe interesting thing was when the end was in sight there would always be one final challengeWe met many wonderful people along the way from hosts to fellow hikers (either meeting or being passed by) all interesting to speak with about their views & experiencesWe had a great feeling of accomplishment when reaching the Irish Sea but also sad that it was over.We plan to return to hike another path! 

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