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Welcome to the Festival of National Nature Reserves

Join us as we celebrate our most important places for nature, England’s National Nature Reserves!

2022 marks the 70th anniversary of the first National Nature Reserves to be declared in England. Throughout the year, the Festival of National Nature Reserves will be a celebration of people and nature, of National Nature Reserves past, present and future.


From May to October events and activities will be taking place on NNRs all around the country for you to enjoy. Whether you want to create, relax, learn, get involved or just have fun, there’s something for everybody! Come and join us, and discover the very best that nature has to offer.


Continue reading to find out more about National Nature Reserves, or jump right in to discover an event near you on our Festival events calendar.
Children making clay stick figures at a woodland event - c Mike Downey

Festival of National Nature Reserves Events

Click on ‘Go To Events’ to go straight to the Festival Events Calendar where you can find out what is happening and when. More events will continue to be added throughout the Festival period, so don’t forget to keep checking back!

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National Nature Reserves - our most important places for nature

National Nature Reserves are our most important places for nature, the beating heart of England’s landscapes. From Lindisfarne in Northumberland, to the Lizard in Cornwall. From ferny woodlands and ancient heaths, to glimmering wetlands and wild coasts. National Nature Reserves are not only precious, but as colourful and diverse as the wildlife and people who call them home.


These ancient and unique places are wildlife-rich, breath-taking, and play a vital role in securing our country’s amazing wildlife and geology. They are at the centre of landscapes and communities, providing the foundation and inspiration to work towards reducing the impact of climate change and increasing the resilience of our countryside, towns and cities for people and wildlife. They are at the heart of a growing nature recovery network.
National Nature Reserves act as outdoor laboratories where learning, science and discovery come together. Time is running out for our wildlife and ancient landscapes. Our reserves are helping us to find the answers to tackle the threats of climate change and biodiversity loss.


From the very first six in 1952, there are now 219 National Nature Reserves in England. Almost two thirds of these are managed by Natural England, but also by over 60 different partner organisations including the National Trust, Wildlife Trusts, RSPB, local authorities and many other landowners and conservation bodies. These NNR partners all work together to ensure our most important places for nature thrive and are protected for people to enjoy – for the past 70 years, and for many future generations to come.

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