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Mae'r proffil o uchder eich teithlen yn cael ei greu pan fyddwch yn defnyddio’r cyfrifiannell pellter (uchod) i dynnu llinell.

Time and Tide Bells are exceptional public artworks by sculptor Marcus Vergette. This one is on  the coast north of Mablethorpe. They stand near the high tide mark at sites round the coast. Played by the movement of the water, the bell creates a varying, gentle, musical pattern, changing as the tide rises. 

Humanity is continuing to release greenhouse gasses at an ever faster rate. Global heating proceeds, melting the ice caps and raising the level of the seas. Habitat loss, the climate crisis and ocean acidification are causing the Earth’s sixth mass extinction.

The Time and Tide Bell rings out a warning that all must heed. The Bells are powerful catalysts for a broad range of activities; celebrations, education, exhibitions, and much more. They are about people and creativity. Our ambition is to find ever new ways of stimulating creative work, relating to the sea that connects and divides us and its remorseless rise in level, driven by the global heating that our greenhouse gas emissions are causing.

Bells have already been installed: at Appledore, Devon; on Bosta Beach, Gt. Bernera, Outer-Hebrides; at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London; at Aberdyfi, Wales;  at Cemaes Bay on Anglesey and at Morecambe, Lancashire. Ours is the seventh. More Time and Tide Bells are planned; 15 in total, permanent in a rapidly changing world. Join us on our journey. Our Bell stands near North End, Mablethorpe, on the beach north of where the path from the Ferryboat Inn emerges, within the Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe Dunes National Nature Reserve. Nearest postcode is LN12 1QQ. t is also accessible from Crook Bank carpark, Theddlethorpe.

Sited between the high and low water marks it rings around high tides. The Bell rings quite gently; you will have to be on the beach nearby to hear it. This part of the Lincolnshire coast is easily accessible on foot yet gives a feeling of remoteness.  It has a rich past, with people adapting to the changing environment of a shifting coastline. There’s a wealth of wildlife on land and off-shore. Global heating brings an uncertain future.

This coast is changing, extending and retreating in different areas. The Bell is close to the point on the beach where the accretion of sand to the north stops and its erosion to the south begins. Explore the coast’s changing character through history and think about its future. We’re looking at the local geology and wildlife and at changes in sea level and climate since the Ice Age.  From the archaeology of the Mesolithic landscape of Doggerland to the recent history of the Marsh with its wartime defences, we are brought up to modern times.  Thinking of the future, including managing coastal defences and flood risk, with global heating set to increase sea level by a couple of metres in the lifetimes of today’s children, and the eventual abandonment of the land to the Greater North Sea, is a big part of the Time and Tide Bell project.

Art helps us understand and find meaning.

The Time and Tide Bell is much more than a public sculpture just to be looked at.  It sparks conversations and gets people involved in art projects to explore our connections with the sea and the coastal environment, in the past and into the future. We have been staging a series of art exhibitions bringing attention to the Time and Tide Bell and encouraging people to visit the Lincolnshire coast. Our art shows are themed on issues including the coastal environment, marine biodiversity, migration and the people associated with climate science. About half of all Lincolnshire’s wildlife species live off-shore, hidden beneath the waves.  The Bell brings our attention to the marine life. We’re working with the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust to make the sea-life better known and protected.

As a not-for-profit community arts organisation, we want to involve you, as artists and as audiences, in our projects.

Learn more?  www.bit.ly/TimeandTideBell

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Mablethorpe LN12 1QQ, UK