Wedi’i ychwanegu at eich Cynllunydd Taith isod

Cyfrifiannell pellter

Pellter a fesurwyd: - Milltiroedd (- km)

Cael proffil graddiant llwybr

Hidlwyr Map

Addaswch eich taith
 gyda’n hidlwyr.

Hidlwyr Map

Ewch o un opsiwn i’r llall isod i ddangos y marcwyr sydd ar gael.

Cyffredinol Marchogaeth Beicio


Pwyntiau o ddiddordeb




Pwyntiau o ddiddordeb



Pwyntiau o ddiddordeb


Mae'r proffil o uchder eich teithlen yn cael ei greu pan fyddwch yn defnyddio’r cyfrifiannell pellter (uchod) i dynnu llinell.

Our accommodation caters for walkers.

Just 5km from Cheltenham Town Centre, with fridge stocked with food for you.

We receive a lot of visitors from, and,, and

  • Our rooms are £50 per night per head, (minimum £70)
  • Dogs £10 per wagging tail
  • Washing machine and dryer free.
  • Dog Friendly Cotswolds

Food and drink

We have laid out the supplies we think you may need here for you. If there is anything else please do enquire
Packed lunch £5
The tap water here is of the highest quality. It comes from our private bore hole straight out of these hill

If you would like a lift into Cheltenham, you are welcome to ask and we should be able to give you a lift
A taxi ride back from the centre costs £10 – £12 normal hours. Telephone 01242 262611 or 01242 250555

There is a choice of two rooms, both doubles: one a separate log cabin and one sleeps three. Both self contained luxury with Wifi and Sky Tv

Manylion y llety

Bed and breakfast, Campsite, Self-catering
Charlie and Lisa Llewellen Palmer
Colgate Farm, Cheltenham GL54 4EZ, UK
twin - 2 beds – £50 per head, £70 min
3 – £10 per head
10 – £10 per head


Toiledau wedi’u haddasu
Cyfleuster golchi beiciau
Croeso i gŵn
Cyfleusterau en suite
Prydau nos ar gael
Lle i barcio trelars ceffylau
Cyfleusterau golchi dillad
Gwasanaeth cludo bagiau
Pecynnau bwyd yn cael eu darparu
Gwasanaeth casglu
Gwasanaeth casglu beiciau
Storfa ddiogel ar gyfer beiciau
Mynediad i gadeiriau olwyn
Wifi ar gael

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