Setting Out!

19th September 2014

Since the stone for the Chipping Campden marker (see below) was delivered a couple of weeks ago, Iain has been busy with the expert task of setting out the lettering.

First off he fixed the stone onto a home-made giant easel which allows him to raise it up and spin it rounds as the work progresses.

Iain had saved the drawing for the first Marker Stone from 2 years ago, so he was able to trace out the letters on to layout paper directly from the original drawing. Most of the text is the same as the Bath Marker Stone but he had to set out the T S Eliot quote from scratch, it being a new framing text around the edge.

The complicated task involves drawing radial ledger lines onto the stone using a large homemade compass, dividing the stone into 8 segments, establishing a framework to transfer the lettering into.

The letters are then drawn in by hand with white pencil crayon. Adjustments to spacing and form are made where necessary, serifs added and drawing more fully resolved.

Next step, the chisel..!


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Setting Out
Transferring letters to stone
Final drawing on the stone