Marker project underway

10th September 2014


After months of work by community groups in Chipping Campden, funds have finally been raised to start work on an end marker for the Cotswold Way in Chipping Campden. A significant proportion of the funds were donated by the Cotswold Voluntary Wardens, mostly proceeds from guided walks around the town

The marker will echo the one launched in Bath in 2012, creating a resonance between the northern and southern extents – almost bookends for the National Trail.

Resting just outside the 400 year old Market Hall, the official beginning/end of the Trail, this intriguing work of public art will take the form of a circular disk of limestone with the feel of a pool or well, pointing to the historic water pump close by. It will feature carved text drawn from the names of places and historic sites along the Cotswold Way, and bounded by a quote from TS Eliot’s ‘East Coker’ a wordsmith who stayed in and drew inspiration from the town. These words will be chosen to most evocatively communicate the experience of walking the Cotswold Way and to signpost for the audience its landscape, history and topography. The text will circle around the artwork, inviting viewers to walk around the carving to read the words. For those about to embark the words will hold the promise of the adventure to come, and to those arriving they will be a reflective focus for the journey they have made. The flow and human liveliness of well-designed hand carved lettering along with the visual impact of a contrasting circle within the paving will make a striking and visually enticing focal point in front of the Market Hall (see artist's impression top right).

The artist for both the Campden and Bath markers, Iain Cotton (bottom right), is a sculptor, stone carver and lettering artist with 20 years of professional experience. His work includes public and private lettering and sculpture commissions, memorials, carving for historic contexts and stone conservation:

Image middle right shows the stone being delivered ready for marking out and carving - watch this space for further updates on the work in progress…

The grand unveiling will be towards the end of the year. For further information, press enquiries etc, please contact James Blockley, Cotswold Way National Trail Officer at

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Artist's Impression
Stone Delivery
Iain Cotton