The Hall is open!

23rd April 2015

After a long wait, the Cotswold Way Hall of Fame is back.  

Completing the Cotswold Way National Trail is an achievement worthy of recognition, and the Hall is there to do just that. ‘End-to-enders’ can take a completion form on their walk, getting it signed or stamped along the way, and enter the Hall to add a description of their journey and claim their badge of achievement.

As well as getting a richly deserved pat on the back, their stories will also play a trail of breadcrumbs for new walkers to follow to the start of their adventures on the Cotswold Way.

The Hall of Fame is housed on our sister website, Escape to the Cotswolds, but every penny of the entry fee goes directly towards the management of the Cotswold way. Click here to find out more and join the ever growing ranks of Cotswold Way Completers!

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