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23rd May 2018

The Cotswold Way is a trail popular with dog owners, and we hope that you enjoy walking he trail.  Research has shown that walking for just 30 minutes every day gives you more energy, helps reduce stress, can lower blood pressure and helps keep your heart in good order. Your dog will enjoy the adventure too but there are are few things you do need to be mindful of when walking across farmland with your canine friends(s).

During the spring there will be fields of lambs and calves that you may need to walk through, please make sure whatever the time of year that your dog is on a lead and kept close to you when walking through fields of livestock, and that gates are closed behind you when walking through the fields.  

Gloucestershire Police have received calls from concerned farmers around the County regarding dog walkers leaving dog faeces on farm land especially in fields used for livestock. If a dog has worms this can be treated but if cows and sheep pick up the dog worms this cannot be treated and the animals become very sick.  

The Police are asking dog owners to be responsible and pick up after their dogs in all rural areas and open fields and take the bags to the nearest bin.

The intention is not to single out dog walkers but to raise awareness that if a dog has not been wormed then the dog faeces if ingested by sheep and and cattle can lead to severe illness and still born lambs and calves costing farmers  hundreds of pounds in the loss of their stock. 

More useful information can be found here

If you are looking for group walks with dogs there are a number of local groups around the Cotswolds and local couunties, more information can be found on

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 Kirsty Russell