Cotswold Way Wardens step in!

15th April 2015

Several people reported  that dogs had been injured by barbed wire on the ground along the Cotswold Way between Vineyard Street and Corndean Lane. Within two hours of Winchcombe Walkers are Welcome group being informed, the problem had been dealt with by a Cotswold Way Voluntary Warden!

It seems that over the winter, the steady stream of walkers' boots on the soft ground had worn away the soil and uncovered a discarded post and wire fence that had been buried for years. A crow bar, wire cutters and some muscle power soon sorted the problem out and a wooden post and 20 metres of barbed wire were removed. This photo shows the marks in the ground where the post and wire were.

This is just one of the hundreds of times each week that the Cotswold Wardens work in partnership with other groups to safeguard the Cotswold way and keep it one of the best and safest long distance paths in the country.


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Winchcombe wire