Tales from the Trail, life on the Cleveland Way – Round Hill and a lasting impression.

12th April 2016

Great piece here from our Trail Reporter - Dave Greenwood

What a coincidence, on the very same day that the map measuring boys from the Ordnance Survey ‘found’ another metre to add to the height of Ben Nevis, I was standing at the summit of Round Hill,  the highest mountain on the North York Moors, thinking the very same thing.  
‘Mount’ Round Hill, is the 727th tallest mountain in England at 454m, (1490ft)!  As I stood breathing heavily upon its summit last week, my scientific measuring equipment, my GPS gizmo thingy, was blinking an altitude reading of 460m, (1509 ft)! 
I was resolving to email the OS upon my return to civilisation requesting a re-measure in the hope of getting one of my favourite mountains a little higher up the league, when I noticed blinking in the corner of the screen was a note to tell me that my equipment was in fact uncertain of its exact location by an accuracy reading of plus or minus six metres. I wondered if the same problem had befallen the men from the ministry upon ‘the Ben’, surely not?
So there I was. The gloriously clear and sunny early spring day forecasted had in fact happened. I was high on Urra Moor, high on the Cleveland Way. The wind was blowing gently over the moorland, and the curlews were singing and dancing in the bluest cloudless sky. It seemed that the whole of England’s green and pleasant lands were spread out before me in every direction. A feast for the eyes and for the spirit after the long dark days of winter. This is Cleveland Way at its very best.
You may be thinking that this is an adventure for mountaineers, not at all. Base camp is the easily accessible Clay Bank Car Park, and the journey to the summit of Round Hill and back a comfortable 5 miles following the Cleveland Way. The path is well made and the route begins within 100 yards of the car park. 
There are plenty of walks to be found from Clay Bank. Pick one that suits your abilities. The most direct ascent to reach Round Hill is to follow the Cleveland Way there and back along Carr Ridge to the summit, but I was out for the day and there was no rain in the forecast so I chose to go the long way round. A circular route, about 9 miles, first to the Wain Stones, then down Cold Moor to eat my sandwiches on a handy seat in the delightful hamlet of Seave Green. After a paddle and a splash in the village ford, me and my clean boots made the at first steep, and then long and gradual assent up and over Urra Moor to Round Hill  and then back via the Cleveland Way to Clay Bank. 
Whichever way you choose to go, Round Hill is up. They are very manageable climbs that will get your lungs working, your heart pumping and your legs stretched. There are plenty of views to look at whilst getting your breath back. 
Only pick a clear day for your attempt on the summit, this walk is all about the views. Remember always that these are serious hills and moors, so take all the advice in case the weather should turn bad unexpectedly. The right clothing, footwear and a map of course. Stay on the paths and the way marked trails. 
Whether you are through-walking this great trail, or want to enjoy a day out, take your time and let the Cleveland Way take you all the way to a summit that for views, will make a lasting impression.


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Walkers view - Dave Greenwood
Near Round Hill - Dave Greenwood
View from Urra Moor - North York Moors National Park Authority