Benson Lock footpath closure update

24th February 2014

Planned work has been delayed at Benson Lock and will go beyond the initial 6 weeks estimated.The delay has been caused by the current flooding.  During the floods the footbridge sustained damage caused by large amounts of debris and is now structurally unsafe. The  Environment Agency (EA) now estimate the planned and unplanned work combined will require another 12 weeks to complete. Previously we advertised the footbridge would be open at weekends but because of the damage to the structure this is no longer possible.The Temporary Traffic Regulation Order which came into force in January has a duration of six months. Please follow any notices or signs on the Trail or keep an eye on the diversions on this website for the latest information.

For further information, please contact Tammy Gray at the Environment Agency on 01865 244161

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Yellow closure sign states 'Thames Path closed at Benson Lock'.