Benson Lock Diversion Update

4th February 2014

The Environment Agency were planning to resurface and improve the handrails on the weir walkway at Benson Lock during January.  Unfortunately before the works could begin the flood waters carried debris downstream which damaged the walkway supports and made the walkway unsafe to use.  As a result of this, the Thames Path is currently closed, with a lengthy diversion around the roads through Preston Crowmarsh and Crowmarsh Gifford to Wallingford.

Currently the Environment Agency have plans to make the walkway safe and reopen it at weekends, whilst the planned repairs are undertaken during the week. However these plans may change as the works are undertaken and the full scale of the necessary repairs become apparent. Please follow any notices or signs on the Trail or keep an eye on the diversions on this website for the latest information.

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Yellow sign states 'Thames Path closed at Benson Lock'