St Oswald's Church, Heavenfield

Wall, Northumberland NE46 4EY

Telephone: 01434 672303

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On Hadrian's Wall Path and at the southern end of St Oswald's Way lies one of the most important sites in early northern Christianity. St Oswald's Church is at the site of the Battle of Heavenfield where, in AD 635, King (later Saint) Oswald of Northumbria raised a cross before defeating King Cadwallon ap Cadfon of Gwynedd. 

The cult of St Oswald spread to Europe and St Oswald's Day is 5th August. Today's oak cross in the field dates to the 1930s.  

St. Oswald's stands in a churchyard set in the middle of a field, about four hundred yards from the B6318. The field and the churchyard can be entered by gates which should be shut after passing through them. There is limited parking in the layby or approach along the Trail from Chollerford (2 miles) passing a section of Hadrian's Wall at Planetrees on the way.


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